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Stair Tread Makeover: 
Have you ever wondered what's under the carpet on your stairs? Older homes may have beautiful hardwood hidden below but chances are, if your home was built in the last 30 years, the carpet is covering pine or plywood treads never intended to be seen. Capital Stair Makeovers can supply and install prefinished stair treads in a variety of wood species and colors to cover these type of treads instantly upgrading the look and feel of your home - many times in just one day!
Baluster Makeover: 
Choose from a wide variety of wood and iron balusters to replace your ordinary wood balusters. We have a wide selection from some of the finest stair manufacturers to choose from. When you select Capital Stair Makeover to do your stair remodel you will have our best quality stair parts and iron balusters at our best prices installed for our lowest price. Use our "Design Your Own" tool to see how different balluster patterns will look.
Custom Makeover: 
Many elements pictured here can be added to an existing staircase. Call today for a free appointment to discuss how a custom makeover can add beauty and style to your home.

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